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Here is a selective history of our recording releases starting with the latest and ending in early 1994 with our first 7". Click on the speakers  or selected song titles for lo-res MP3 sound bites. All of our full-length LPs are now available on Itunes, at Insound.com and Amazon.com.

Pop Has Freed Us (August 2003, Minty Fresh LP)

A retrospective album entitled Pop Has Freed Us was released in 2003 including all three Papas Fritas music videos on DVD, as well as our best-known singles, some early demo recordings, a newly penned track called “Love Just Don’t Quit” and a few cuts that didn’t make the various Papas Fritas albums for which they were recorded.
  • Way You Walk
  • Smash This World
  • Lame To Be
  • Flash Lightning
  • High School, Maybe
  • Passion Play
  • TV Movies
  • Holiday
  • Hey Hey You Say
  • Let's Go Down To the Town Oasis
  • Do The Move
  • Say Goodbye
  • Book of Love
  • Vertical Lives
  • People Tell Me Not To Worry
  • Questions
  • Love Just Don't Quit

Click on the album cover to buy Pop Has Freed Us on iTunes.

Buildings and Grounds (March 2000, Minty Fresh LP)


Finally, we are back! Buildings and Grounds was released in the USA on March 7th through Minty Fresh Records, and also in France (Spirit), Benelux (62 TV), Japan (Rock Records Japan), Spain (Caroline Espana), The Philippines (Unviersal), and Australia (Half a Cow). The spiral is a different color in each continent.

This is our longest album so far and we really gave ourselves room to breathe. The sounds are groovier and more melancholy -- and there's even more guitar solos! Buy it

Click on the album cover to see the artwork in more detail.

Helioself (1997, Minty Fresh LP)

LP2 Our second LP on Minty Fresh (released April 22, 1997) -- Recorded in eight track analog at The Columnated Ruins, which was situated in the woods of Gloucester, MA, the fish-stick capital of the Western World (and also home of a spiritual vortex). The sound of this record is a direct result of our many experiences working together as a rock and roll BAND, and thus it has a very natural feel to it.
Helioself is the name of the mythical Sun-Ra sessions that were so powerful that they were sealed away in a lost vault by request of the Ra himself because the world was not ready for such harmonic energy. Buy it

If you're interested, check out this video clip of our historic, live appearance on MTV Oddville performing Hey Hey You Say.

Papas Fritas (1995, Minty Fresh LP)

LP1 Here it is! Our first REAL full-length record with a Universal Product Code and all the trimmings. We recorded this one at the now defunct Hi-Tech City (Somerville, MA) in mid-1995. The Japanese version of this release has a different album cover which prominently features Lego people. Buy it
  • Guys Don't Lie
  • Holiday  (452K,MP3)
  • Wild Life  (710K, MP3)
  • Passion Play  (645K,MP3)
  • TV Movies  (968K,MP3)
  • My Revolution
  • Kids Don't Mind
  • Smash This World
  • Lame To Be
  • Possibilities
  • My Own Girlfriend
  • Explain
  • After All

Passion Play/Lame to Be (1995, Minty Fresh 7")

passion play 7" After we signed to Minty Fresh, it took us three attempts to actually record these two songs. With Passion Play's strings and background vocals, we finally outgrew our Tascam 4-track, and our one venture into a "real" studio was fruitless. Finally, we constructed Hi-Tech City, an eight-track studio in our basement. Now we could spent all the time we needed to make the songs work. We soon developed a heated relationship with radio shack mics and compression. Passion Play was also released as a EP with three songs from the old tapes: Howl, Means,and Radio Daze. Buy it
  • Passion Play
  • Lame to Be

Friday Night (1994, Sunday Driver 7")

Friday Night 7" Has been out since Feb. 1994, and we're still not completely embarrassed by it.Matt Hanks Our finest and LAST four-track production. (although we didn't stop trying) The band's live sound at the time was fully realized on this recording -- it's not "Rumours" or anything but we like it.

This seven inch is important because once Matt Hanks (see figure 5.467b) released this record, we decided that we should act like a "real" band and start working (touring, promoting ourselves, learning how to sing, etc...) Nifty trivia: Smash This World is the song that got us noticed by Minty Fresh.

  • Friday Night
  • Smash This World
  • Angel

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