Papas Fritas BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS -- Album Cover Artwork

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Papas Fritas VERTICAL LIVES EP -- Album Cover Artwork

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liner notes:

1| Girl (Goddess) 2| People Say (Goddess, Asthana) 3| Way You Walk (Goddess)
4| Vertical Lives (Gendel) 5| What Am I Supposed To Do? (Goddess)
6| Far From an Answer (Goddess, Asthana) 7| I Believe in Fate (Goddess)
8| It's Over Now (Goddess, Asthana) 9| Questions (Goddess)
10| Beside You (Goddess, Asthana) 11| Another Day (Goddess)
12| I'll Be Gone (Asthana, Buck) 13| Lost in a Dream (Goddess)

Produced, arranged, composed, and performed by Tony Goddess, Keith Gendel, and Shivika Asthana. All songs Pop Has Freed Us Music 2000 (ASCAP).

Recorded in Gloucester, MA at The Columnated Ruins, and in Somerville, MA at The Backporch and The Krackhaus. Engineered and mixed by Paul Sanni with supernatural zeal.
Analog Consultation by Paul Q. Kolderie.
Mastered by Roger Siebel at SAE, Phoenix, AZ.
Seagram Building by James Angus, 1999, courtesy of Gavin Brown's enterprise, New York.

Thanks to Matt Hanks, Michael Hafitz, Jim Powers, Anthony Musiala, Paul Sanni, Paul Q. Kolderie, Sean Slade, Adam Goldberg, Jon Vyner, Peter Leak, Derek Brain, Paul Hill, Benny Hocken, PLR, Kaz Miyayama, Trattoria, Mark Kitkatt, Jesus Llorente, Mike Mills, Liam King, The Cardigans, The Flaming Lips, The Eels, Blur, Ditch Croaker, The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group, The Hang Ups, The Sugarplastic, Dave Gartner, Chris Colthart, Matt O'Keefe, Donna Coppola, Ed Buck, Samantha Wood, Melissa and Meredith, our friends and our families.

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